September ’22 – Ofsted – Are you demonstrating your planning?

An increasingly important element of any Ofsted inspection is planning. Can you demonstrate that you are planning and recording your intentions for each learner? 

This can take the form of a granular approach, or perhaps you would also wish to include elements matched to Ofsted’s Curriculum Intent, so that each learner is conscious of your aims as a provider particularly in respect of satisfying each learner’s ambitions. 

Whatever your approach, VQManager allows you to simply record your planning for each learner. Using the Assessment Plan area you can easily record your plan – there’s even a facility for the learner to sign it off as being understood and agreed. Assessment Plans can show target dates, and can also contain embedded resources such as learning content or guides – whatever is required to help your learner to understand your plan, and for Ofsted to see evidence of such. 

If you are not currently using Assessment Plans to record your planning, just speak to anyone at SkillWise and we’ll have you up and running in moments. 

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