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“Skillwise was initially commissioned by London Probation Trust in 2004 to support the vocational delivery of Probation qualifications.  This partnership was crucial as London Probation was one of the first Trusts to implement VQManager, as an e-portfolio platform to deliver vocational qualifications and as a result of the collaboration build an infrastructure that increased the productivity and timely completion rates of trainee Probation Officers.  This successful delivery model in later years resulted in the gradual migration of all Probation areas onto the VQManager due to the formation of the National Probation Service which has provided a consistent, robust and centric-focused delivery of probation vocational qualifications across England and Wales.  Throughout the immense period of change that the Probation Service has experienced, SkillWise has worked collaboratively to ensure that its systems and processes within VQManager were equipped to fit with any new  specifications or reporting demands. This has included workarounds for technology issues which have been critical and have required SkillWise to provide solution focused approaches to ensure continuity of service delivery.  As a result, VQ Manager has increased learner confidence in completing their qualification and enhanced good practice among Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers.  I would personally like thank and commend Paul Greenhalgh and Kari North for their dedication and commitment to ensuring the success of our partnership and always being available to collaborate, and provide solutions to enhance business continuity in our delivery of vocational qualifications.
Vicki Idusohan NPS Training Projects Manager

When assessing qualifications for probation officers, one of the greatest concerns is confidentiality and security.

Although rigid on-site protocols should ensure that evidence is made ‘sterile’ before being submitted to an e-portfolio, the very nature of evidence in the field of probation means it is critical that it is not compromised.

Through strong server security measures and robust protocols, SkillWise takes exceptional steps to ensure that we look after your data very safely.

Here are some examples of Probation qualifications our existing customers use:

  • Diploma in Probation Practice L3
  • Diploma in Probation Practice L5 
  • Certificate In Probation Case Administration L2 
  • Certificate in Probation Practice L3 
  • Award in Education and Training L3 
  • Diploma in Youth Justice Services L4
  • Diploma in Restorative Practice L4
  • Certificate in Probation Case Administration L2

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