Intent, Implementation and Impact – Inspection and VQManager e-Portfolio

“Progress can be monitored very accurately by senior managers, learners and tutors and information to enable remote internal verification can be easily accessed”.

Whatever you are asked to show at inspection, our e-portfolio software VQManager will have all the information you need readily to hand.

This will include:

Quality of education

Intent – record learner aims, add a 360 degree initial assessment to ascertain starting competence/knowledge, set up sequences of review dates, create learner-specific assessment plans, record RAG ratings for assessors, set out pre-defined verification strategies.

Implementation – demonstrate learner progress against targets, view assessment plan completion, show actual OTJT completion, view summative comments, view employer comments, view progress reviews & learner reflective diaries, demonstrate accuracy of actual review dates against planned dates.

Impact – see learner and staff retention rates, see completion rates, view sequences of reviews and final 360 degree review to show learner progress whilst on programme, see learner and employer comments.

Behaviours and attitudes –

The learner activity log will record anything that’s not strictly evidence – so for example extra curricular activities or whatever you decide to use to demonstrate behaviours and attitudes, Similarly, the learner’s reflective diary will reveal some of their own thoughts and feelings.

Personal development –

VQManager allows a personal development ‘qualification’, designed to your own specification, to be added which will allow you to record any categories you choose such as British Values, liberty, law, respect, physical & mental health etc.

Off the Job Training can be recorded against activity logs, or reflective diary accounts. These are then verified by the assessor, and generate comprehensive reports showing learners’ current OTJT hours totals, as well as their target totals at today’s date. Reporting on actual hours delivered is a key measure for Ofsted.

Leadership and management –

This can be demonstrated in VQManager through assessors (and IQAs’) CPD records, through the reports showing assessor performance and through the periodic learner reviews with their where are we now / where are we going commentaries.  Further comments in learner activity logs, for instance, will demonstrate any safeguarding issues that may have been addressed.

Are your learners on the correct programme? Are they making progress?

Our Progression Tracker is an example of where you can see a learner’s starting competency (and therefore verify that they are on an appropriate programme) as well as allowing the learner (apprentice), their training provider and their workplace manager to record periodic assessments of their competency to evidence progress and provide evidence of on programme learning

e-portfolio VQmanager

So VQManager allows you to define your strategy pre-inspection, and ensure that you are recording all of the relevant information / behaviours. Then, during inspection it allows you to quickly and easily demonstrate the effective delivery of your strategy, using live real-time data.

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