Adapting to a changing market?

One often-quoted advantage of apprenticeships over traditional education programmes is that rather than being cast in stone months ahead, they can rapidly respond to the changing needs of the employment market, balancing training delivery with current employment opportunities.

So we understand that the apprenticeship model can rapidly morph to fit market needs – the question is, can your business?

We have seen some sectors really struggle this year – hospitality, travel, retail, hair & beauty… it’s a long list. But at the same time, we are seeing sectors like warehousing & storage, distribution, horticulture and financial services experiencing record levels of activity. For the apprenticeships that support these sectors, there is still funding available, and there is still strong Government commitment. So could you deliver these, too?

Delivering new apprenticeships, of course, brings plenty of challenges to any provider, but the VQManager e-portfolio can help with many of them.

For any provider considering taking advantage of some of these growth areas –  VQManager can quickly set you  up with:

  • The new standards
  • Assessor mentoring process
  • Deployment of learning content & knowledge tests.
  • Provision of automated IQA alerts  –  for as much or as little of your activity as you choose.

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