Recording and Tracking OTJT Hours


Is being able to record and track Off the Job Training Hours important to you?

VQManager makes it really easy for –

  • the OTJT targets to be set
  • the learner to log their hours
  • their assessor to authenticate the hours
  • their employer to confirm the hours
  • management to track the totals, highlighting any shortfalls
  • viewing the ‘date stamp” of actual hours at each progess review. 

As the ‘shape’ of the Apprenticeship Standards – and particularly the Assessment Plans associated with them – have become clearer we have monitored Government, Representative Bodies and end-users to gather their thoughts and opinions. It has become clear that the e-portfolio required to support the delivery of the Standards has a different set of requirements to the traditional e-portfolios we have become used to and tracking OTJT is just one example of how we have been able to adapt.

Please select this link to watch an Apprenticeship Standards presentation

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