Tune up your Assessment Process using SmartWorx Technology

A revolutionary approach to assessment

You can fine tune your delivery in VQManager allowing Standards and qualifications to be mapped together using our SmartWorx technology. Many of the criteria in both are similar and SmartWorx will help link the two together seamlessly. By following the SmartWorx guidelines, the assessor can be sure that they are mapping and assessing in a very robust manner, covering each criterion through a range of methods and over a period of time – they are also assessing very efficiently because nothing is unnecessarily repeated.  

The SmartWorx initiative uses : 

  • an over-arching mapping or assessment strategy combined with
  • pre-defined visit-specific tasks, training courses or activities 

ensuring that learners are assessed in a very robust, but also streamlined and efficient, manner. 

The SmartWorx assessment approach is able to unearth valuable evidence that the learner may have generated prior to the visit, it prompts the creation of evidence during the visit and it guides the learner to continue to generate evidence after the visit.  

By following the pre-set SmartWorx mapping, the assessor/tutors can be sure that when they are assessing evidence, criteria in both standards and NVQs with similar outcomes can be met simultaneously and very efficiently preventing work being unnecessarily repeated. 

Centres are able to avoid the wasted costs associated with inefficient assessment, whilst ensuring a very high quality of delivery and learner experience. 

But how does this integrate with the VQManager e-portfolio? 

  • VQManager has been specifically configured to work hand in hand with the SmartWorx approach.
  • Alongside the traditional assessment criteria view of the learner’s standard or qualification, VQManager also presents a view of all the SmartWorx mapping designed to support the linking of those apprenticeship elements.
  • By simply selecting and clicking on the appropriate SmartWorx descriptor in VQManager, the assessor is immediately shown all of the assessment criteria – right across the learner’s apprenticeship that any particular piece of evidence was designed to address. 

One-Click mapping 

At this point, a single click allows the assessor to immediately map the evidence against the appropriate criteria – sometimes numbering in the hundreds.  

The time savings this creates for the assessor can be very significant, as well as assisting them to map with considerable accuracy. 

VQManager Demonstration

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