An increasing number of organisations have developed formal onboarding programmes for new employees.  VQManager provides an excellent platform upon which to manage your onboarding process.

Your own preferences:

VQManager allows you to build your own structure to match your onboarding process, as well as storing your own library of bespoke templates to allow for consistent recording of information.

Permanent employee record:

The employee’s personal details, along with contact information, notes of special learning needs etc  can be stored and viewed by permitted parties such as tutors, assessors and employers.

Experience and qualifications:

CVs and records of any qualifications held by the employee can be held, along with copies of certificates if appropriate.

Onboarding training and/or statutory programmes:

It may be that you have certain product- or industry-related learning content, or perhaps you have content which covers areas such as diversity or health & safety. VQManager allows you to deploy this content to your employees, you can track whether they have accessed it and you can also include an associated knowledge test so that you can record and view their degree of understanding.

What does it cost?

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