“The electronic SkillWise e-portfolio system has improved communications between learners, tutors and internal verifiers. This is especially important because of the national dispersal of learners and the remote working of tutors. Progress can be monitored very accurately by senior managers, learners and tutors and information to enable remote internal verification can be easily accessed”. 
“I estimate that through using the system I save around 25% of the time I usually spend assessing” 
Brian Mitchell,
Plumbing Department Guildford College
“Having used VQManager for many years, there is just no way that my assessors could be persuaded to go back to a paper based system.” 
Gordon Combe,
City of Edinburgh
“When we came to choose an e-portfolio provider to partner with, there was only one choice and that was SkillWise.” 
Rob Elliott,
Product Manager Capita Education Services
“VQManager is working well and continual refinements are beneficial. I find SkillWise approachable and supportive to providing guidance, requests and individual organisational needs. I feel SkillWise strive to improve the quality of their e-portfolio and to modernise.” 
Tess Fenn,
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
“We are really happy with SkillWise…. you are a lovely company to deal with and I was only thinking on the way home how good it is to deal with a small company where I know everyone by name and face.” 
Rachel Collier,
Kent Training and Apprenticeships
“VQManager works very well and data flows to and from both systems effectively. The additional help facility www.skillwise.net is brilliant and I use and advise users to use this all the time. I am happy to say only positive comments as all issues , problems I have raised have always been addressed swiftly. All such lovely people and great on-going support.” 
Femi Dillon, Bournville College
“Accessible via the web from anywhere – no need to carry paper folder with you all the time.” 
Health Education England Kent Surrey and Sussex
“I like how you can see work currently waiting for testimonials and work that the student is currently working on. It also has the ability to alert you when there is work to be done this alert allows you to know when work is available, rather than logging in to find out.” 
Health Educaton England Kent Surrey and Sussex
“Traditionally my industry (hair and beauty) is not known for its strong IT Skills. I was amazed at how quickly my assessors adopted VQManager.” 
Carolyn Della-Ragione,
“We have tried other e-Portfolios in the past, but they proved disappointing and we eventually abandoned them. By contrast VQManager from SkillWise offers clear, simple interfaces and a host of time saving features and functionality. We are genuinely excited at the opportunity to roll out VQManager across our UK-wide provision”. 
Sarah John,
Commercial Director Acorn Training (Welsh Provider of the Year) 
“The e-portfolios have been a fantastic innovation for the centre, really improving the resources that we are able to offer to our learners. The Active IQ qualifications are really important to health and fitness professionals, and now we can precisely track the progress of the learners in a manner that is quick, effective and convenient. The whole project has been a huge success, and every single learner is currently on target to meet their planned qualification completion dates.”
Laura Vale,
Skills Development Manager ICON Training
“After working with the VQ Manager e-portfolio for over 6 months, the team here at Progression Training are progressing with it well and learning all the time. Since going onto the e-portfolio, the support we have received from the SkillWise team especially Kari has been fantastic, she answers any questions we have promptly and explains everything to us well. We have also found www.skillwise.net hugely helpful for learning more about the e-portfolio. 
After using a paper-based portfolio for 15 years it was a bit daunting to move across to E-Portfolios. We have found getting to grips with the e-portfolio has been simple for the assessors and the learners. As a company it has help us track progress with learners more effectively and helped with our IQA process”.
Sarah Evans,
Progression Training
“The Skills Partnership has been using SkillWise’s VQManager for a number of years now and as the product and services have developed, so it has moved to centre stage within our business. Without it at this stage we would not be able to use the essential underpinning learner progress information to drive our monthly operational performance. 
In the early stages we would tend to turn a blind eye if a tutor was not fully utilising the system and ensuring that all learner evidence in each part of an Apprenticeship framework was being uploaded. 
We realise now, we were holding ourselves back. The ability to track and have visibility of learner progress is too important to allow those who aren’t ‘on the bus’ to dictate the speed of implementation. 
The web-based nature of VQManager is enormously advantageous to us. EQAs can log in without issue and tutors are able to login remotely, even if they are not using their own computer to do so. 
Overall we are very pleased with the service that we receive from the SkillWise team. We know that if we come to them with a development request or a user query, they will respond straight away and that is important to us.” 
James Bishop,
Managing Director The Skills Partnership
“We feel the approach towards developing the VQM system via User group forums, refreshing, democratic, and an excellent platform to discuss VQMs use and brainstorm potential ideas and improvements, not only with the SkillWise team, but other users of VQM, also, and in an open, collaborative environment.”
Sue Hirst,
York College
“SWMIT worked closely with SkillWise and innovated using the e-portfolio for Level 3 Diploma in Pharmacy Service Skills NVQ. The e-portfolio encourages holistic assessment and provides good audit trails. No more paper! The e-portfolio is now used across many regions for this qualification. 
As a training unit it has proved so successful that we have rolled it out with SkillWise help to other post registration courses e.g. ACPT and also for the pre-reg pharmacists”. 
Karen Nash,
“VQManager has been instrumental in helping us standardise our assessment approach and at the same time reduce our cost of delivery. We couldn’t function without it.” 
Steve Starling,
Quality Director The Skills Partnership 
“Paul’s training was top notch – good to have someone who understands the real world – worth every penny!” 
Eddie McKnight,
“We have been working alongside Kari for numerous years! We have found her knowledge of the system invaluable and she understands our requirement and sometimes the urgency. Remote webinars are available and great way of getting the information across in real time. Recently we have been working with Kari and the developers for the New Standards, as we are now in the full swing of delivery this has been adapted to meet the changing requirements as we progress with the new requirement, and how best to utilize the evidence and smart ways of working. A great team who are always polite and willing to help, taking our feedback onboard to make smoother systems for everyone!” 
Jane Bloomfield,
Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy Ltd
“From day one when we first used this system, I’ve always received excellent help and support from you and Kari if I’ve ever had any queries and have received speedy responses. I’ve found VQ Manager straightforward and easy to use from an Admin point of view.”
Jane Gambie
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

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