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“The electronic SkillWise e-portfolio system has improved communications between learners, tutors and internal verifiers. This is especially important because of the national dispersal of learners and the remote working of tutors. Progress can be monitored very accurately by senior managers, learners and tutors and information to enable remote internal verification can be easily accessed”.


Read the latest clarification regarding Ofsted inspection here

We have developed a good relationship with the whole of the SkillWise team and have been well supported through a number of group training sessions and webinars, pre and post our Go-Live date, whilst the Resources website is an invaluable user-friendly tool, tailored specifically for each user interface. 
 Sue Hirst, YC

Throughout the immense period of change that the Probation Service has experienced, SkillWise has worked collaboratively to ensure that its systems and processes within VQManager were equipped to fit with any new  specifications or reporting demands.  As a result, VQ Manager has increased learner confidence in completing their qualification and enhanced good practice among Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers. 
Vicki Idusohan PS

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