What is an e-Portfolio?

What is an e-Portfolio?

e-Portfolios have come a long way since they were simply a web-based repository for things they would have once stored in a paper portfolio. 

Any modern e-portfolio will store electronic resources such as documents, images and other evidence of competency, but a really good e-portfolio also offers:

  • Different interfaces for different users (apprentices, employers, training providers, QA)
  • Easy logging of competency, including the use of electronic evidence if appropriate
  • Easy mapping of activity to qualification structure
  • The use of many thousands of certified qualification (and Standards) structures, as well as bespoke company-specific programmes
  • Reporting on every aspect of delivery, progress and achievement
  • Inspection-ready reports
  • Communication between all parties
  • Learner Diaries – allowing reflective accounts to be captured
  • Reminders of upcoming submission dates, reviews etc
  • Off the Job Training hours recording and reporting
  • Integration with your existing student record systems

Advantages and Disadvantages of an E-portfolio

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