Features and Benefits of VQManager e-Portfolio

“We have tried other e-Portfolio software in the past, but they proved disappointing and we eventually abandoned them. By contrast VQManager from SkillWise offers clear, simple interfaces and a host of time saving features and functionality. We are genuinely excited at the opportunity to roll out VQManager across our UK-wide provision”.  Sarah John, Commercial Director Acorn Training (Welsh Provider of the Year) 

MIS integrationAn important component of VQManager is a web service that allows it to integrate with other resources, such as your student record system.
Progress reviewsProgress reviews can be set up several ways in the e-portfolio:
~ Centre Admin can pre-set reviews
~ Ad hoc reviews can be added by assessors
~ Assessors can pre-set reviews
Reminders are set so that no review is ever missed.
Progression trackerOur Progression Tracker allows you to see a learner’s starting competency (and therefor verify that they are on an appropriate programme) as well as allowing the learner (apprentice), their training provider and their workplace manager to record periodic assessments of their competency
Total actual Off the Job Training hoursVQManager records Off The Job training (OTJT) throughout the e-portfolio and across a range of user types.  The information captured includes actual hours confirmed by assessor and/or employer – this is the exact figure that the ILR requires, at the end of the qualification
EPA exportThis function offers VQManager users a choice of downloading a PDF or creating link to share eidence with the EPAO
Reflective accounts and diary keepingThe Diary tab allows learners to add reflective accounts. They can be used to describe, examine and analyse an experience. On completion they can also be recorded as evidence with a simple switch.
Expert witnessThis function allows learners to include an evidence/expert witness into the process prior to the assessor’s involvement. This person is automatically emailed a link and can authenticate the evidence by either returning it to the learner for more action or move it on to the assessor as appropriate
ReportsVQManager provides reports in three formats:
~Real-time reporting from VQManager
~ Reports from your Management Information System
~ Bespoke reports 
All evidence types The richer the better! Electronic documents can be uploaded to VQManager so videos, audios and photographs can uploaded and stores in VQManager to enable easy access for IQA, EQAs and EPAs
Assessment plansSimply put, the Assessment Plans can set out the agreed assessment activities for each qualification, unit or criteria, the breakdown can be adapted for each learner, cohort or organisation.
Gap analysis VQManager’s  gap analysis allows all users to see the outstanding criteria, not met sufficiently in a single report. This enables the assessor and learner to target specific activities to ensure they are they are met successfully.
CPD trackingAllows assessors and IV/IQAs to record any CPD in the system for easy access by the overseeing verifier and auditing body
e-portfolio contribution, learner or assessor or bothAlthough the e-portfolio software is designed to be learner centered in it’s approach, this does not necessarily mean that the learner must be completely involved. It can be totally assessor led where the need arises, i.e. working with a learner with specific special needs.
Verification sampling plansVQManager’s sampling plan is divided into two areas. The first area allows for a plan to be submitted which is learner specific but not unit specific. The second allows for specific units to be targeted and also specific assessment methods. Reminders ensure no planned date is missed.
Verification assessor rational settingThe Rationale area is for keeping a record of quality assurance intentions and is associated with a specific assessor who is linked to the IV/ IQA. A due date is set to ensure the rationale is followed up and reset when appropriate
Verification assessor reports IV/IQA report writing is available and a report can be created at any time. The report can be assessor and learner specific or alternatively assessor specific but not linked to a particular learner.

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