‘Flexi-Job’ Apprenticeships-ready

During the spring of 2021 the Government was considering the launch of ‘flexi-job’ apprenticeships. We are now entering a Portable job apprenticeship pilot which started in April 2022

These are being trialed specifically for industries such as construction and film making, in which employment tends to be project-based rather than long-term and thus precludes the usual single 12 month employment commitment required for an apprenticeship. It will allow for flexi-job, short term contracts and also different employers if the learner moves employer – these changes are designed to minimise drop out.

So whilst the training provider will probably remain constant, there may be two or more employment phases, with different employers, during the apprenticeship. 

The good news is that VQManager is designed to cope seamlessly with a multi-employer model.

  • Allows more than one employer, and/or more than one assessor, per apprentice.
  • Subsequent employers can see the progress made by the apprentice during previous employment(s).
  • Full reporting available to each employer.
  • Clear audit trails reveal which employer was associated with each piece of evidence, correspondence item or progress review.  
  • Breaks in learning between successive employments can easily be accommodated.

If you would like to learn more about how VQManager can help you to seamlessly deliver flexi-job apprenticeships contact us.

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