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“We have been using VQ Manager for approximately 5 years and have found it be the most brilliant of e-portfolio platforms.  The ease of the system means that our learners, assessors, IQA’s, EQA’s and the admin staff can be fluent with the system relatively quickly which relieves a lot of pressure when it comes to having to teach someone how to use it. VQ HQ is always available when you need something and they actually listen to ideas and suggestions from their users about the ongoing development of the platform.  VQManager has made things much easier when it comes to almost every area of the training provider world.  We can pull off reports for learners, line managers, assessors and everyone else”.
Deborah Clifford Aspire to Learn

From food hygiene to barista, the hospitality industry has a particularly wide and varied range of qualifications and Standards.  But, there are some challenges that crop up time and again when we speak to assessors.

Access to technology – usually, in the place of assessment, there is no handy PC nearby. To overcome this, assessors and learners can access VQManager via mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. In unusual locations such as basements or outdoor functions where there may be no reliable wifi available, we offer VQMobile, an app that works entirely off-line. So whatever technology is accessible, you can always work with VQManager and VQMobile.

Hygiene – this has been an issue since paper binders, it’s simply not good practice to bring assessment resources from outside into a sterile food preparation area.   One of our customers overcame this by issuing their assessors with tablets, complete with robust covers. On entering a food preparation area they used an antiseptic spray and wipes to wipe down their tablet cases, before proceeding with the assessment in a safe and hygienic manner. As a bonus, observing this protocol also serves as a great reminder for the learners, reminding them to be aware of contaminating sterile areas. We would certainly recommend this as a very good process for assessment in such environments.

Evidence occurring when the assessor is absent – the unpredictable nature of the hospitality industry sometimes means that evidence presents itself at unexpected moments. With VQManager, the learner is able to capture it very easily themselves via their phone, and share it with their assessor at the press of a button. If evidence is frequently being captured when no assessor is present, you might want to think about using our expert or evidence witness function, which allow a workplace manager or colleague to simply verify the authenticity of evidence, before it is sent for assessment.       

Here are some examples of Hospitality qualifications our existing customers use:

  • Apprenticeship Hospitality Manager L4 Standards
  • Apprenticeship Hospitality Supervisor L3 Standards
  • Apprenticeship Hospitality Team Member L2 Standards
  • Award in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership Principles L3
  • BTEC Award in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership Principles L3
  • Certificate in Hospitality & Catering Principles Beverage Service, Housekeeping, Kitchen Services, Prof Cookery L2
  • Diploma in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Management L4
  • Diploma in Hospitality L2
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management L4
  • Diploma in Hospitality Supervision L3

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