VQManager e-Portfolio for Apprenticeships

“In the early stages we would tend to turn a blind eye if a tutor was not fully utilising the system and ensuring that all learner evidence in each part of an Apprenticeship framework was being uploaded.  We realise now, we were holding ourselves back. The ability to track and have visibility of learner progress is too important to allow those who aren’t ‘on the bus’ to dictate the speed of implementation. ”  James Bishop,Managing Director The Skills Partnership

VQManager has become the go-to e-portfolio for many organisations delivering apprenticeships.

Key apprenticeship-ready features:

  • Reflective learner diary, with OTJT hours recording function
  • Activity log, with OTJT hours recording function
  • Progress review scheduler and recorder
  • Intelligent OTJT hours calculation and end of programme “actual hours” reporting for ILR
  • Progression Tracker – to periodically record learner, training provider and workplace manager’s view of competency
  • Track on programme progress and show ‘value added’ as the learner works through their qualification
  • Evidence that the learner is at the right level for the qualification they are starting for funding purposes
  • User access via computer or mobile device – ultra-convenient evidence captured in-the-field
  • EPA ready, tracks progress to ensure readiness for EPA and presents assessment resources to EPAo.
  • Demonstrate where the employer is contributing to the learner’s apprenticeship
  • Reporting -generates multiple reports around progress, progress review completion, OTJT hours and many more

Apprenticeship Standards

Reports in VQManager


“Recently we have been working with Kari and the developers for the New Standards, as we are now in the full swing of delivery this has been adapted to meet the changing requirements as we progress with the new requirement, and how best to utilize the evidence and smart ways of working. A great team who are always polite and willing to help, taking our feedback onboard to make smoother systems for everyone!”
Jane Bloomfield, Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy Ltd

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