VQManager allows you to elegantly deliver electronic learning content, as well as providing self-marking multiple choice knowledge tests, all through the existing e-portfolio interface. 

Knowledge – Electronic learning content can easily be deployed through a ‘learning library’ interface allowing learners to access resources as and when they wish.    

Learning content can include .pdf documents, ‘flip-page’ type interfaces or video. 

  • Learning content is delivered in a far more interesting and engaging way than simple ‘flat’ documents.
  • Learning is delivered consistently, and versions are easily controlled. 
  • Learning can be delivered concurrently with assessment plans, or all at once.
  • The learner can access everything they need, all in one system.


It is easy to add multiple choice question banks to VQManager. 

These are self-marking banks of multiple-choice questions, with functions such as variable pass marks, randomisation and variable limits on number of attempts. 

  • Questions delivered immediately post-learning are proven to help embed learned knowledge.
  • Results are passed to the learner’s assessor where they may be mapped against the knowledge components of any qualification or standard. 
  • The assessor can now view their learners’ progress through the standard / qualification and through the learning components, via a single interface.

What does it cost?

What happens now?

e-Learning Demonstration

Introducing our Library of Interactive e-Learning Courses

We are a partner of ICPS, who deliver top quality self-paced e-learning courses around a range of public sector and general management topics.  These interactive courses are aimed specifically at meeting the professional development needs of individuals. Some of the titles offered include:

  • Introduction to Effective Strategic Policy Planning in the Public Service
  • Effective Policy Implementation and Evaluation
  • Futures Thinking for Effective Policy Development
  • Effective writing Skills for the Public Service
  • Behavioural Insights for Policy Making
  • Leading for Success in the Public service
  • Managing for Success in the Public service
  • Communicating for Success in the Public service
  • Innovation and Change for Success in the Public Service
  • Developing a Strategy in the Public Service

All of these can be mapped against custom or pre-existing qualification structures within VQManager.

Please click here to see a full list of e-learning qualifications available.

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