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How can VQManager improve the efficiency and visibility of your assessment process?

VQManager is a tool that brings together the functionality of an e-Portfolio, a workflow manager and a reporting tool within one powerful self-contained package. The 5-minute tour will give you an idea of VQManager’s extensive functionality. 

But whilst VQManager offers the broadest available array of functionality, it is in no way prescriptive. This means that the e-portfolio can adapt to perfectly support your own unique process.

Furthermore, VQManager is able to integrate with other software applications such as MIS (student record) systems and it will deliver e-learning content at the point of relevance, thus moving you away from multiple disparate software systems and towards a single integrated solution.

“After using a paper-based portfolio for 15 years it was a bit daunting to move across to e-Portfolios. We have found getting to grips with the e-Portfolio has been simple for the assessors and the learners. As a company it has help us track progress with learners more effectively and helped with our IQA process”. 

Sarah Evans, Progression Training

Reports in VQManager

Mobile Working

VQManager Demonstration

What does it cost?

Integration with Management Systems


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