VQManager e-Portfolio – Tracking CPD

As organisations strive to gather more and more of their data in one place, rather than in disparate systems, more and more of our clients are using VQManager to record CPD.

VQManager allows assessors, IQAs and employers to not only log and categorise CPD activities, but also record the relevant hours. There are a few advantages of this approach:

Single system – an assessor, for example, will typically use VQManager every day. So it’s an easy task to log CPD, without having to access a separate system.

Visibility – It might be important for your IQA to see evidence that sufficient and appropriate hours of CPD are being recorded. By logging it into VQManager, the IQA can easily check this, at the same time that they carry out their other verification and quality assurance activities.

What is an e-portfolio?

VQManager Demonstration

Reports in VQManager

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