VQManager e-Portfolio for Hair and Beauty

“Traditionally my industry (hair and beauty) is not known for its strong IT Skills. I was amazed at how quickly my assessors adopted VQManager”.
Carolyn Della-Ragione, Introtrain

Hair and Beauty qualifications can generate real challenges, when it comes to assessment.

These can include 

  • a lack of access to a computer within the salon environment,
  • a general reluctance of individuals to embrace IT and
  • the challenge of making sure the apprentice, their assessor and a suitable client are present simultaneously – no easy task!

So how do you better engage a learner community that’s often reluctant to use a PC?

You encourage them to use their own smartphone.

VQManager can be accessed via a user’s mobile device, and because the great majority of apprentices own, and actively enjoy using their mobile devices, you can immediately expect better engagement. Apprentices who are naturally reluctant to use a PC are often enthusiastic and proficient smart phone users.

Additionally, users don’t even need to access VQManager itself – simply using the device’s own camera and microphone, users can quickly and easily send rich evidence to their assessors.

Here are some examples of Hair and Beauty qualifications our existing customers use:

  • Apprenticeship Hair Professional L2 ST0213_02 Standards
  • Award in Employment Awareness in the Hair and Beauty Sector L2
  • Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals L3
  • Diploma for Hair Professionals – Barbering L2 
  • Diploma for Hair Professionals – Hairdressing L2
  • NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy – General L2 
  • NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy – General L3
  • NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy Massage L3

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