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“From day one when we first used this system, I’ve always received excellent help and support from Jo and Kari if I’ve ever had any queries and have received speedy responses. I’ve found VQManager straightforward and easy to use from an admin point of view.”
Jane Gambie – Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

By their nature, the nursing and care are sectors offer great opportunities to generate really rich electronic evidence of a learner’s competency. But they are also sectors that have traditionally been slow to adopt ePortfolio usage. Let’s look at what the issues have been, and whether they’re still valid.

Issue 1– Paper is still part of the process – there are situations (such as ward rounds, checking medicines) where paper is a fundamental part of the process. This used to mean that it was awkward to use a ward round record as evidence. However, since the widespread use of smartphones, a user can simply take an image of the document and with one click, add it to their e-portfolio. Quick, simple, rich.
Issue 2 – There is poor access to PCs in the care/hospital environment – this is still very often the case. However, because VQManager can be easily accessed via a mobile device, it is no longer necessary to have a PC in order to be able to participate. Any user with a smartphone can use VQManager with ease.
Issue 3 – You can’t take images or video in a Care environment – absolutely, it’s the responsibility of the learner and assessor to ensure that in sensitive situations, images and videos are not recorded. However, that does not mean electronic evidence gathering can’t be done. For example, City and Guilds recommend that the learner and assessor step outside the building, and discuss the activity in question whilst making an audio recording. The assessor’s ability to add follow-on questions makes this a great way to capture very rich evidence, without prejudicing the privacy of anyone within the care environment.

So if you can in fact use an e -portfolio, what are the advantages in doing so?

  • Easy mapping of evidence to the Standards or Qualification
  • Immediate progress reporting for all users with graphical outputs
  • Simple OTJT hours recording
  • Day 1 competency recording and progression tracking
  • Absolute auditability
  • Inspection-ready
  • Many options in terms of set-up, devices used etc
  • Welcomed by SVs, EVs and EPAOs

Here are some examples of Nursing and Care qualifications our existing customers use:

  • Apprenticeship Senior Healthcare Support Worker L3 Standards
  • Apprenticeship Lead Adult Care Worker L3 Standards
  • Apprenticeship Healthcare Assistant Practitioner L5 Standards
  • Apprenticeship Healthcare Support Worker L2 Standards
  • Award in Employment and Personal Learning Skills in Health L2 and L3 
  • Award in Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care and Children and Young People’s Settings L2 
  • BTEC Diploma in Healthcare Support L3
  • Certificate in Common Health Conditions L2
  • Certificate in Introduction to Health and Social Care (Adults and Children and Young People) Early Years and Childcare (Wales and Northern Ireland) L1 
  • Diploma for Children’s Care, Learning and Development (Wales and Northern Ireland) L2 and L3
  • Bachelor of Nursing 
  • Diploma in Dental Nursing L3 

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