VQManager e-Portfolio for Colleges

VQManager has become the go-to e-Portfolio for many colleges delivering qualifications and apprenticeship standards.

Key features and benefits:

  • Reflective learner diary, with OTJT hours recording function
  • Activity log, with OTJT hours recording function
  • Progress review scheduler and recorder
  • Intelligent OTJT hours calculation and reporting
  • Progression Tracker – to periodically record learner, training provider and workplace manager’s view of competency
  • User access via computer or mobile device – ultra-convenient evidence capture in-the-field
  • EPA ready, tracks progress to ensure readiness for EPA and presents assessment resources to EPAo.
  • Management reporting -generates multiple reports around progress, review completion, OTJT hours and many more
  • Curriculum and multiple college reporting

What does it cost?

Reports in VQManager

Integration with your Management System

“I estimate that through using the system I save around 25% of the time I usually spend assessing” 
Brian Mitchell, Plumbing Department Guildford College

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