You have decided that VQManager is the e-portfolio for you – what happens now?

Setting up VQManager e-portfolio in your organisation

“VQManager has been instrumental in helping us standardise our assessment approach and at the same time reduce our cost of delivery. We couldn’t function without it.” Steve Starling, Quality Director, The Skills Partnership 

So you have decided that VQManager is the e-portfolio for you – what happens now?

We make deploying VQManager as straightforward as possible, whilst at the same time making sure that we’re setting it up in such a way that it will provide the very best support for your organisation.

Here are the steps –

Agreement – We have a nice simple agreement that records things such as the pricing plan you have opted for. Remember, there are NO annual fees and NO support costs – everything is very clear, predictable and flexible.

Qualification loading – You tell us the exact versions of the qualifications and Standards that you are using (including bespoke qualifications) and we load them into the system for you, ready to go.

Set-up – we run something we call a kick-off meeting. At the kick-off, we ask a lot of questions about your preferences. Will you be using assessment plans? Do you prefer to call people ‘Tutors’ or ‘Assessors’? Will you use Progress Reviews, and if so do you prefer to record them ad-hoc or do you prefer to set a recurring pattern on enrollment? Do you want custom branding, and if so where can we obtain your logo? These and many other questions will be asked – the responses you provide will enable us to set up the system in the way that’s perfect for your own particular processes.  Remember, the closer the e-portfolio resembles your existing process, the faster and the deeper the buy-in will be from your users. Once we have effected the changes and completed the set-up, your system is live and ready to go.

Training – We will have already agreed a suitable training plan for you and booked the dates. We have very many on-line resources that you are free to use, and we will also agree a face to face (or possibly remote e-conference) sessions. Do you want us to train all your personnel, or a few super users who can cascade the knowledge to others? The choice is yours.

On-going client management – The above is just the start of the journey. We are always there to support you into the future. You will have a dedicated account manager who will be a single point of contact for any future queries you may have.  You will also be invited to our user group functions, where you will be invited to contribute ideas for developments that will further enhance VQManager, ensuring that it keeps pace with your changing needs.

Get in touch today to get the process rolling.

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