Integration with your Management System

Does your Management System talk to your e-portfolio?

Integration meeting - VQManager - E-portfolio apprenticeships

An important component of VQManager e-portfolio is a web service that allows it to integrate with other resources, such as your student record system.

You get to choose the very best systems and the integration allows the systems to talk to each other.

What does this mean?

VQManager looks to your student record system and imports data such as the student’s name, DOB, contact details, course, tutor and start date. It then adds these to the appropriate fields in VQManager. As a student progresses, details of their progression is passed back to your student record system. 

What are the advantages?

Labour saving – there is a lot of data associated with each student, and integrating VQManager with your student record system means that the data does not have to be typed in a second time.

Accuracy – because VQManager sources its data directly from your master record, there is no chance of it being entered into VQManager incorrectly.

Speed – integration means that students can be added to VQManager instantly – there is no need for students to wait for long periods until they can start to engage with the e-portfolio.

Reporting – real-time progression achieved within the e-portfolio is reflected in your core reporting interface, providing management with a clear view of student status. 

VQManager Demonstration

What does it cost?

What happens now?

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