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“We have been using VQManager for a number of years and having tried other e-portfolios, I can say that the VQM is by far the most effective and easiest to use platform.  Its clean and clear layout makes the VQM intuitive for learners and assessors.  The evidence list tab makes it evident at a glance what the status of each piece of evidence is and pieces can be quickly located.  Mapping criteria is also simple and effective and the seamlessly integrated Learner Diary makes keeping track of the 20% off the job training hours a doddle!  Learners and staff are very happy with this SkillWise product.”
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Quite a number of learners who use VQManager to log their evidence are working towards qualifications in dentistry. Other than the usual e-portfolio functions, dentistry students tend to rely more heavily than other students on two key areas:

Expert Witness – If a dentistry student is working in a practice, it is often the case that their workplace manager may not necessarily be a qualified assessor. Therefore, the Expert Witness function comes into play. This enables a learner to elect to send a piece of evidence they have created to the workplace manager, simply to verify. The workplace manager receives an email which contains a link to the piece of evidence. The workplace manager simply verifies the evidence (or not) and it then automatically moves on to the assessor’s home page for assessment. The beauty of this approach is that it allows the learner to decide piece by piece whether evidence items require verification, and if they do, the workplace manager is presented with a very straightforward one-tick interface that requires no training to use.

e-Mailing of evidence – In the dental surgery, often the best and most convenient way to capture evidence is for the learner to record an image on their mobile phone.  Using an incredibly simple process, this can either be sent to the learner’s e-portfolio where they could later add some annotation – or it could be sent direct to their assessor for assessment. So learners can gather evidence very easily, at the moment it occurs.

The above two examples are just some of the ways in which dentistry students can use VQManager. A full description of the e-portfolio’s functions can be found by following the ‘What is an e-Portfolio?’ link below.

Here are some examples of dentistry qualifications our existing customers use:

  • Apprenticeship Dental Nurse L3 Standards
  • Apprenticeship Dental Practice Manager L4 Standards
  • Diploma in Dental Nursing L3
  • Award in Dental Nursing L3

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