April ’22 – Mental Health Awareness

This morning we were privileged to have Jo Mortimer of Ocean Aspire lead us through a workshop considering Mental Health Awareness.

The session covered various aspects of health and wellbeing, with the intention of developing an understanding how to recognise issues in ourselves and others, and how to support anyone affected.

By the end of the session we were all far more conscious of these issues and able to understood how to initiate helpful conversations with people who might be experiencing them, as well as knowing where to find further useful resources.

Jo’s easy going approach meant that whilst the topic itself was serious, the session was fun and everyone felt comfortable and eager to contribute.

Just having considered these issues in a little more detail has made us all a little more conscious of how prevalent these issues are, the importance of good mental health and how to spot when things might not be going well for ourselves or others.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jo’s sessions to anyone either in a work environment, or simply in their day to day lives.

Paul Greenhalgh MD SkillWise UK Ltd

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