Mar ’22 – Apprenticeship providers – are you involving employers sufficiently and can you evidence it?

A recurring theme in recent inspections of training providers, is a focus on the employer and their part in delivering an apprenticeship.

Ofsted inspectors are increasingly keen to see that the employer is taking an active role in the apprentice’s development. And of course, it’s not just enough to be able to talk about it, you have to be able to evidence it too.

This is a shameless plug for VQManager because VQM provides a multi-functional interface, specifically designed for the employer. Each employer can drill into the individual activities of all their learners, including the evidence they are creating, their activity logs, reflective diary entries and progress reviews.  

The employer can also be requested by the assessor to add entries in the learner’s progression tracker, to confirm progress reviews and to confirm Off the Job Training Hours.

So there are quite a few helpful features that help the employer to really keep tabs on their learners. But critically as the provider, you can access a report that shows an audit trail of all of the employers’ interactions.

Importantly, then, when discussing employer involvement with Ofsted, you can’t just talk about your approach, you can evidence it too. 

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