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2 minute VQMobile overview

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that this has revolutionised the way our assessors are able to operate in the field”. 

Whilst many organisations understand the numerous advantages of using an e-portfolio to manage their NVQ and apprenticeship programmes, how does that work when learners and assessors are routinely away from their homes or offices?

One solution is to take a laptop with a ‘dongle’ allowing internet connectivity, but a laptop is still a cumbersome, relatively fragile device which is pretty poor at recording sound, video and images.

To address this, SkillWise developed VQMobile. VQMobile is an ‘app’ which runs on all Android and Apple devices, including tablets and smartphones. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this has revolutionised the way assessors are able to operate ‘in the field’.

 Typically, an assessor would ‘synch’ their mobile device to the e-portfolio before leaving home.

VQMobile effectively captures a static version of all of the information on the VQManager e-portfolio which the assessor can then use as they go about their day’s assessment activities.  To view a short presentation of VQMobile please click here

VQMobile is available to download free of charge to your tablet from the Appstore or Playstore, click on any link to the right, or simply ask SkillWise for details 

Google Play
App Store

Once on site, the assessor can: 

  • View all of their learners’ progress in easy to understand charts
  • View existing assessment plans, and add new ones 
  • Easily create new and very ‘rich’ evidence, there and then, through
    • voice recordings (Q&A, professional discussions) 
    • capturing still images
    • capturing video
    • capturing (scanning) existing documents
  • View and add activity logs notes 

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