Feb’22 – Are you meeting your Safeguarding requirements?

Safeguarding is becoming an increasingly prominent consideration for all providers. 

More and more providers are reporting that, at inspection, Ofsted are looking particularly closely at their safeguarding protocols. It is no longer good enough to have records that show few safeguarding incidents occurred – it’s now absolutely necessary to demonstrate the negative, i.e. to provide tangible evidence that safeguarding is being carried out appropriately and that the incidence of issues is low. 

VQManager can help you to plan and record your safeguarding measures properly in a way that can easily be demonstrated at inspection. 

Did you know that within VQManager:

  • individuals such as assessors and tutors can record their own safeguarding training, and subsequent refresher sessions?
  • safeguarding process documents such as standardised pre-scripted learner questionnaires, can be stored and shared across all your assessors / tutors, to ensure absolute consistency of approach so you can be sure that all safeguarding questions are covered, every time?
  • safeguarding discussions with learners are time stamped, stored and can be counter-signed by both assessor and learner?

Using just the three steps above, allows you to record significant documented evidence of a positive and proactive safeguarding approach, entirely auditable at inspection. 

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