Feb ‘22 – Internet safety

Did you know that the 8th of February is Safer Internet Day?

Internet safety is something that affects all of us, but perhaps most importantly, the learners for whom we’re responsible. This year, Safer Internet Day is focusing on respect and relationships. 

The UK Safer Internet Centre has created a broad suite of resources that can really help you to spread helpful messages about healthy internet usage. These include games, pre-designed lessons and Top Tips. Sorted according to factors such as age group and special educational needs, you can find their free-of-charge resources here:   https://saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/safer-internet-day-2022/educational-resources

One example, Social Media vs Gaming, explores many issues such as mutual respect, bullying, hate speech and gender, so it can also play a significant role in the delivery of your safeguarding agenda.  https://skillwise.net/news-and-views/feb22-are-you-meeting-your-safeguarding-requirements/

At SkillWise we think these are really valuable lessons, and the resources created by the UK Safer Internet Centre provide an easy way to make sure the right messages are reaching your learners. 

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