Oct ’20 – OFSTED Clarifies Interim Visit plan

Speaking to a group of AELP members today, Richard Pemble of OFSTED shared some interesting insights into OFSTED’s current strategy around its provider visits. 

Richard is careful to use the word ‘visits’ – these are quite specifically not inspections (and in fact the Secretary of State has temporarily prohibited inspections pending further advice). 

The visits are very much intended to be helpful – particularly in these times when providers are finding innovative ways to continue their operations in this more challenging environment. The emphasis of the visits is slightly different – issues such as mental health, for example, will receive more attention than might normally be the case. One of the aims of the strategy is to quickly share visit reports within the sector, so that other providers might be able to benefit from others’ thinking.  

Reports are brief – typically no more than 750 words – and because these visits do not involve any form of judgement, the reports contain no recommendations.

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