Oct ’20 – Lifetime Skills Guarantee – a shot in the arm for the FE sector

In an announcement made during a visit to Exeter College on the 29th of September, the Prime Minister described a major new skills initiative that provides hope for the entire FE sector.

Recognising that the UK lacks sufficient numbers of skilled workers in certain key sectors such as construction, hospitality and IT, the Lifetime Skills Guarantee is aimed at adults who do not currently hold a Level 3 or equivalent qualification. The guarantee provides the opportunity for those adults to complete certain pre-approved technical qualifications, free of charge. The list of qualifying qualifications is due to be announced next month, but will include what the government described as ‘skills valued by employers’.

Funding will come from the new £2.5 billion National Skills Fund, and is a direct result of the recommendations contained in Philip Auger’s recent review of post-18 education.       SkillWise applauds this move and hopes that it not only allows adults to train (or re-train) for available employment opportunities, but also provides a new impetus in the FE sector

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