June ’18 – Discontent at AELP Conference

We were please to attend the AELP conference earlier this week, where we took the chance to meet many of our customers and potential new customers. 

Although much of a positive nature was discussed, the overall feeling was one of frustration around the roll-out of the new apprenticeship standards and the provision – or not – of end point assessment. The peak of the frustration perhaps came when Sir Gerry Berragan, CE of the Institute for Apprenticeships, refused to give details of the number of EPAOs that had been appointed, instead offering to provide the figures to AELP ‘in private’.

One can only conclude that this blatant lack of transparency masks continued shortfalls behind the scenes. Amongst the providers that SkillWise spoke with, the overwhelming feeling was that if they are expected to deliver the new standards, it’s high time that the government did their bit and provided the necessary infrastructure to allow the process to succeed. 

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