July ’20 – Interactivity, not complexity, is the key to effective remote learning

OFSTED recently conducted a survey of its providers, to find out more about the effectiveness of remotely deployed e-learning. When the feedback was distilled, two very clear messages emerged.

Firstly, the learners reported that by far the most important aspect of e-learning content was not its complexity but its degree of interactivity. This extended to webinar-style delivery too, where learners reported a very clear preference for sessions in which they were actively engaged. So the message to those providing the training or designing the content is clear – if the learning is to be effective, interactivity is paramount.

The second message that came through very clearly, was the importance to learners of regular and effective communication. This is also important to inspectors – as Dr Richard Beynon recently commented, “if you’re using two tin cans and a piece of string, OFSTED doesn’t care, as long as there is effective communication”.   

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