Nov ’19 – EPAO / EPA Matching Service

At SkillWise we’re always on the lookout for innovative ideas in our market.

We recently came across a new organisation called EPA Hub. They have created an idea we really like – it’s a web platform that links EPAOs with End Point Assessors.

The current End Point Assessment market means that many assessors are working as freelancers. At this stage the EPAOs don’t need people full time, but when they have assessments to complete, they need high quality contract staff. Similarly, the assessors themselves need to identify EPAOs that have a current need.

That’s where EPA Hub comes in, creating a database of assessment opportunities, and one of assessors, then matching the two together. Sak, the owner of EPA Hub, has lots of exciting development ideas for the future, too. So if you’re either side of this equation and looking for a match, why not look at

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