Learning content and testing

Addressing the Knowledge component of a qualification

As Providers move to a more remote model of delivery, one aspect which can be most challenging to deliver is the knowledge component.  VQManager is about to launch an exciting new component, designed to facilitate all aspects of remotely delivering content and then assessing learners’ knowledge.

Learning content

Within VQManager you will be able to create a menu structure, from which you can order and distribute your electronic learning content resources directly. Learning content could be in video format, ‘flip-book’ .pdfs, PowerPoint decks or a number of other formats. 

Assessors will have the ability to provide access to the learning content either all at once or on a drip-feed basis, and a management tool will show learners and assessors which modules have been accessed and/or completed. 

Assessment module

Presented either as stand-alone knowledge assessments or embedded within the learning content to re-enforce learning, you will be able to create your own multiple choice question banks. These are automatically marked, and have advanced functionality such as provider-defined limits on the number of permitted retakes. 

This means that providers will be able to present their learners with multiple choice question banks, long answer format questions, or a blend of the two. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of an E-portfolio

Report in VQManager

What does it cost?

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