Mar ’22 – SkillWise supporting the Ukrainian people – medical supplies.

Like many people, we at SkillWise are devastated to see the daily news coming from Ukraine, and we are equally humbled by the incredible courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

In order to try to do as much as we can, Paul (SkillWise MD) and Wayne (Ex-SkillWise founder and director) will be departing next Thursday (24th) with a van loaded with medical supplies. 

The need for clothes and food for refugees has now subsided, but the growing numbers of civilian and military casualties are stretching the Ukrainian medical services to breaking point and they desperately need supplies.  We will be taking the supplies to representatives of the City of Rzeszow in Eastern Poland, who run daily convoys across the border and into the hotspots within Ukraine.  

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people already, but if you’d like to contribute some funds so we can buy more supplies, please drop me an email using the address below and I will send you more details. 

There is a great sense of urgency – we need to get the aid to them before Russian forces close down the western aid corridors from the Polish border – so if you are inclined to help, please drop me a mail asap.

Thanks, Paul    

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