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 SkillWise  Trailblazers      

As we are all aware, there is currently significant activity in our industry associated with the impending transition to new Trailblazer-style qualifications. 
At SkillWise we are committed to continuing to provide a tool that supports our customers, whether they are delivering current style qualifications, Trailblazer qualifications of a combination of the two. 
As the ‘shape’ of the Trailblazer qualifications - and particularly the Assessment Plans associated with them - have become clearer we have monitored Government, Representative Bodies and end users to gather their thoughts and opinions. It has become clear that the e-portfolio required to support the delivery of the new style qualifications has a different set of requirements to the traditional e-portfolios we have become used to. 
Over a year ago we developed a solution for an organisation delivering qualifications that are structured in exactly the same way as Trailblazer qualifications. The feedback from that project has been consistently outstanding, so we have effectively had the opportunity to trial our Trailblazer solution ahead of the broad Trailblazer roll-out. We are extremely pleased that we are in this fortunate situation, where we can offer a tracking solution that doesn’t just look good, it comes with excellent industry in-use credentials. 
We will keep you updated in terms of our progress – but in the meantime we’d really appreciate input from as many different sectors as possible. If you would like to offer suggestions, or if you would like to trial our new solution, please just let us know and we will be delighted to hear your thoughts.